Police Hour joins top publishers on Facebook Instant Articles

Police Hour has now joined the UK’s top publishers to participate in Instant Articles Programme with the likes of The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Sun, The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The BBC and Sky News.

Instant Articles will enable our readers to view interactive articles that can be read instantly on a mobile device.

Instant Articles will load our news in less that one second opposed to the 8 seconds it used to take to load our content.

This will add greater New functionality which will includes the ability to zoom, peruse interactive maps by tilting the phone, auto-play videos and the ability to like and comment on news.

Joining Instant Articles forms our digital stragey to become the UKs biggest Policing News Website.

Police Hour was recently added to Apple News which forms a major part in the future of our readers receive our news directly to there iPhones and iPads daily.