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Going to Magaluf make sure you read this first!

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Back in 2014 Magaluf promised it had cleaned up its reputation. In 2017 we’d simply warn you about heading to Magaluf because nothing has changed.

We spent some time in Magaluf to see if things had really changed. What we saw shocked us and coming from a policing background that takes a lot of doing.

The normalisation of drink was to be expected along with the drugs. You expect a lot of drunken young brits after all your in Magaluf.

However, the ease of access to drugs and brothels was horrendous. Let alone the young vulnerable men being attacked and mugged every night.

Like everywhere there was some fantastic places as soon as you ventured off the strip it was a completely different world and if you are sensible you will have a great time in Magaluf.

Magaluf: Credit Police Hour
Magaluf: Credit Police Hour

You may book with the image of going and partying every night having a great time and being trouble free. Be warned because this is what will make you a victim when you’re drunk and alone. There is a lot of crime happening.

The drunken brits are creating a market for the crime. They are offering money on a plate for very little effort.

Although we witnessed no fighting among the British while in Magaluf there were some awful things happening.

Those who are easily influenced could end up in a coma in hospital. Because the things on offer are very dangerous.

While there we were harassed and followed while simply going for a stroll to the beach.

One day we walked the beach thinking we were safe from the hassle a man appeared out the water with a rubber ring and attempted to invite us to meet him at a location he requested our hotel room number and mobile numbers.

He demanded we never told anyone we had spoken to him on the beach and we would be in trouble if we told the police. Once our conversation had finished he simply walked back into the water in an attempt to make friends with someone else. There would be no other reason for this than to target our hotel rooms.

Once your back walking they streets young British reps wearing hardly anything will attempt to drag you in for a drink at every opportunity. They will even offer you drugs to wake you up in broad daylight and sex for just €5.

Project Bar. Credit: Police Hour
Project Bar. Credit: Police Hour

The Party island hasn’t cracked down on the pub crawls and drinking games. We witnessed groups of up to 100 people on crawls which started at The Project Bar these still included the banned sex games.

One rep even bragged to us that Alan Collinson the guy responsible for the change in Law was living in a mansion and owned Magaluf.com. Despite the national outrage, Collinson is seen as the King of Magaluf.

Vulnerable teenagers are being taken advantage of in their drunken states for profit.

The lucky men are praying on the British first they will sell them overpriced sunglasses later they will be back to offer you drugs known locally as ‘Charley brown’.

Brothels are the next target for drunken men with up to 15 pimps trying to force young lads into the brothels.

Clubs are targeting people challenging them to a drink when they refuse they make them feel weak.

They will often physically grab people they see are drunk and force them into the bars.

Women work the streets in groups of three offering men sex. One woman will offer the sex while the others take your money & phone. If you refuse to hand over your money you will be physically assaulted. We witnessed this happening a number of times. These women will approach drunken men who are wondering the streets alone to get back to their hotel rooms.

After all, we have created a market for these women to make thousands of euros a night.

The local police are there watching as it all happens. They act as if nothing has happened.

We must admit there were some really great places in Magaluf. That if you have responsible teenagers they would be able to go and enjoy Magaluf as it does have one of the most amazing beaches in the world.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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