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UK Police Ranks Credit: Rank Success
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The College of Policing wants you to drive your own development. What better way than by securing promotion with qualified, police-focused coaching?

The College of Policing (COP) has recommended that officers should take responsibility for driving their own development. But maybe you think ‘If I need it, the organisation will provide it’. Not so. Especially if you’re looking for promotion.

So what’s the best way to secure promotion to Sergeant or Inspector? Perhaps you’ve bought law books, crammer courses and other materials. But none of these is sufficiently tailored to get you through a promotion process.

Assessment tests

You see, selection processes now include more and more assessment tests. These could be a complete blind spot if you can’t get to grips with them.

You’ll be aware of business coaching, but what if there was a coaching service specifically focused on police promotion? Run by a qualified coach?

Welcome to Rank Success. Simply choose your own combination of guides, one-to-one support and classroom instruction that’s focused entirely on getting you your stripes or pips.

And the basic mistake?

Many great candidates start preparing only when a promotion process is advertised. That’s not long enough to work on knowledge gaps, prepare thoroughly and start being the person the organisation needs.

So, if your colleagues are soaring like eagles, there’s no need to put up with clipped wings. The power to get your promotion hopes off the ground is in your own hands.

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