Paedophile Hunters Dark Justice say Paedo who ran has been arrested

Credit Dark Justice / Facebook

Dark Justice have taken another Paedophile off the streets of Newcastle.

The man from South Shields who cannot be named drove to Elswick in Newcastle to meet what he believed was a 15 year old boy following sexual grooming.

He was unaware he had actually been expanding indecent images with Paedophile Hunters Dark Justice.

He had actually been talking to Callum co-founder of Dark Justice who approached the male thinking it was a 15 year old child.

The disgusting man from South Shields once confronted denied everything and got in his car slamming the door in to a member of Dark Justice and sped off a speed.

Dark Justice passed the details on to Northumbria Police. Tonight Wednesday June 29th 2016 Dark Justice have confirmed he fled to Essex. He is currently in police custody and faces questioning.

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