Theresa May Targets Fire & Rescue Service suggesting lack of diversity, accountability and bullying. 

Theresa May has her sight set on reform. This time she is set to target the fire service.

Calling the fire service toxic and corrosive in it’s current state. 

You may be aware that Theresa May took over responsibility of the fire service this year and is wasting no time.

May is now ready to force the a similar radical and ambitious plan as she has delivered in policing since 2010.

She has said that the fire service have significant failings in terms or Diversity, Accountability and Bullying demanding that reform should happen.

She has said the fire service is 95% White 95% Male and this is not good enough saying this toxic and corrosive culture.

The fire service has lack accountability and Threasa May will fix this by allowing Police and Crime Commissioners to take over.

Allowing May to force control and take control from the fire service.

May also announced her plans to introduce an independent inspection regime which at the moment is impossible.

Last year Police Hour announced that Fire Fighters would be attending crime scenes.