‘Election Fraud’ New Police Crime Commissioner under police investigation

    Alison Hernandez newly elected Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) is under police investigation.

    Hernandez is accused of Election Fraud for not declaring her election expenses in 2015.

    Hernandez was announced as the new PCC for Devon & Cornwall police on May 6th 2016.

    Devon & Cornwall police used Twitter to congratulate Hernandez on being elected as the new PCC for the force.

    Calls have now been made for Hernandez to step down from her newly appointed PCC role over the investigation.

    If found guilty of election fraud Hernandez could be sent to jail.

    Devon & Cornwall Police confirmed ““We have received an allegation relating to electoral expenses and are investigating the matter in conjunction with other forces around the country.

    “We are also consulting with the Crown Prosecution Service and Electoral Commission.

    “We will take appropriate action in due course following the conclusion of the investigation and further advice from the CPS and Electoral Commission.”