Buckingham Palace Intruder is a convicted murderer on licence

It has been confirmed that the Buckingham Palace intruder is a convicted murderer.

Denis Hennessy has today been put back behind bars after he scaled the perimeter wall of Buckinggam Palace.

Hennessy aged 41 pleaded guitly at Westminster Magistrates admitting he scaled the wall of the Palace and admired the garderns for 10 minutes.

He scaled a 8ft to 10ft high wall which actived an alarm which alerted armed officers to an ongoing secuirty incident.

Hennessy, of Barnhill Road, Wembley, north-west London when confronted by officers repeatedly asked “is Ma’am in?”.

The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of York where in residence.

Hennessy was on licence for murder after being convicted or murdering a homeless man in 1992z

Hennessy was sentenced to four months impressonment for trespassing and two months for criminal damage which will ryn concurrentlty.