Why are the met repeatedly saying sorry to a Lord? The same situation happens a million times over with the police stating they have a right to investigate

The Met Police have met with Lord Bramall to say sorry. They admitted they were wrong about the situatuon he faced but stopped short of an apology and agreed to meet with the Lord Bramall. 

But what about the millions of people investigated and never arrested or those who are arrested  and remain on bail for upto a year and then never charged. 
It seems that just because he is a Lord the police feel the need to say sorry. They also feel the need to release to the media each and everytime they say sorry to Lord Bramall.

Yes Lord Bramall has been to hell and back. But this situatuon is everyday normal life for those on who face the same situatuon or are left on police bail for months on end to never be charged. 

The Met Police recently released public apology which is hard to get from the police in the first place (even when they have been sued) now they have announced they held a private meeting with the Lord.

On Thursday, 7 April, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gallan met in private with Lord Bramall.
Whilst the content of that conversation will remain private, the Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe expressed, in person, his regret about the distress felt by Lord Bramall and his family, and the impact of having his innocence publicly called into question after a long career of public service.
The Commissioner listened to Lord Bramall’s concerns about the investigation, which will be considered as part of the independent review announced by the Metropolitan Police Service on Wednesday, 10 February.
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has asked Sir Richard Henriques to examine the way non-recent sexual allegations against public figures are investigated, and the MPS will publish the key findings of the review and the recommendations later this year.
In view of the media interest in this private meeting, the MPS and Lord Bramall agreed to release statements to confirm it had taken place and to give brief details of the nature of the meeting. We will not be commenting further.