South Yorkshire Police Goes Into Meltdown as Chiefs replacements stands down 24 hours into the job. 

South Yorkshire Police in Meltdown and facing tough time ahead as the officer they appointed to stand in for the suspended chief constable steps down 24 hours into the job.

Deputy Chief Constable Dawn Copley announced she would peform her usual role 24 hours after agreeing to stand in while the Chief was suspended.

PCC Alan Billings confirmed that he made Copley chief after the suspension of David Crompton following the Hillsborough inquests.

Copley who was investigated over her conduct at Greater Manchester Police did not want the force to face further negative publicity or criticism.

Copley was in charge of the professional standards branch while she was Assistant Chief Constable at Greater Manchester Police,

The Branch investigated an allegation of mortgage fraud against Chief Inspestor John Buttress

The court chucked the case out within 20 minutes however under Copley power the force pursed the Chief Inspector for gross musconduct he was soon sacked.

He claimed he had become a victim of Greater Manchester Police’s corrupt practice within the forces anti-corruption unit.

The matter is currently being investigated by Kent Police.