Police Officers life in tatters after he is convicted with assault after tasering aggressive drunk

Police Constable Richard Jordan life is in tatters and faces prison after a court found him guilty of assault. Why? Because he tasered a drunk man wanting to fight him.

PC Jordan was part of a five officer response to an ongoing fight last April. Mr Bebbington has been drinking in a pub, He suddenly adopted a boxing stance when PC Jordan deployed his taser.

He was not supported by his fellow officers who said MR Bebbington was no threat.

PC Jordan based at Northwick Police Station in Cheshire deployed taser while dealing with drunken aggressive man named Shaun Bebbington aged 29. He repeatedly challenged the constable to a fight.

Fearing he was about to be attacked imminently PC Jordan fired a taser shot which had no impact on the Mr Bebbington, Still fearing violence he deployed taser for a second time making contact with the mans leg. Allowing the officer to apply the handcuffs and take MR Bebbington into police custody.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission ordered an investigation resulting in the married father of twins who has severed as a constable for 13 years sob in the dock after being found guilty of common assault and now faces six months in jail and could even be sacked from the job.

Throughout the trail and following the incident Mr Bebbington has mocked the officer and joked about the incident.

The officer denied the charged and stated the Mr Bebbington was drunk at the time of the incident and kept challenging him to a fight.

The Job and the criminal justice system has let an officer down again. Arresting charging and convicting an officer for the use of reasonable force during a violent situation.

PC Jordan will be appealing his conviction if you would like to support please click here.