New policing drone units have today been announced which will see drones begin to patrol your community.

The drones will be controlled at forces headquarters. They will be sent to respond to monitor incidents to see if 999 officers are required to attend the incident.

Police Patrol cars to be replaced by electric drones under plans to save £41 Million 1
live streaming from HD 4K camera
Police will be able to dispatch the drones in anti social behaviour incidents to gather evidence and live stream footage back to the forces headquarters.

The drones will not have an impact on 999 emergency teams who will still respond to grade zero and grade one incidents.

Drones could be used for priority 2 calls which require the police to attend within one hour and less serious ongoing incidents.

The drones will see less and less officers patrolling the streets in police cars and on foot the new drones will allow officers to cover the same areas much quicker and faster resulting in increased policing productivity.

The electric drones will save millions of pounds, they will be cheap to repair and replace if they become damaged helping forces across the UK achieve the further expected 2.7% cuts by 41 million in 2016.

Police have already been using Drones for years to fight crimes on the railway lines and to monitor crowds at football matches.