PCC Julia Mulligan says fracking protests won’t cost millions but it cost sussex police £4 Million

PCC Julia Mulligan has called Mike Pannett claims utter nonsense that policing fracking protests could cost North Yorkshire Police Millions.

What is utter nonsense is it will cost North Yorkshire Police millions. If we look at the four million that Sussex police paid for policing fracking protests.

The protests within West Sussex placed pressure on policing budgets as £4 Million was forked out to cover the costs.

At the time Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne confirmed the protests had placed massive pressure on her police budget.

Barton Moss saw Greater Manchester Police £1.7 Million. The Home Office refused to support the costs placing pressure on policing budgets across Greater Manchester.

Julia Mulliagn tweeted today that it was utter nonsense that the cost of policing a fracking operation would run into millions.

Is Julia aware of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park? there was no draw to Barton Moss, Just the locals didn’t want fracking happening in the UK. Let alone a natural beauty site.

The debate occurred as it was announced that permits have now been granted for test drilling in North Yorkshire and the North East.

It was argued by Mike Pannett in the Northern Echo that policing such sites could cause a drain on policing within North Yorkshire.

Mike believes that these costs could be picked up as a national policing priority rather than a local priority due to this being a 33 Billion Pound National Concern confirming it was unfair for North Yorkshire Police to pick up the cost.

Mike Pannett told the Northern Echo “If exploration or drilling in earnest is approved and particularly in the sensitive North Yorkshire Moors National Park region it would be foolish to underestimate the consequent scale of public reaction and inevitably also the potential scaling up and influx into the county of additional protest groups.”