Cleveland Police Crime Scene Investigators have returned to the scene of a murder in Hartlepool for the third time today.

 Police Search Contiunes into third day following Murder of Norma Bell in Hartlepool 1 

Cleveland Police yesterday extended the cordon in place after detectives revealed the death of Norma Bell is now a Murder Investigation following a fire at her address on Westbourne Road in Hartlepool.

Crime Scene investigators returned to the house for the second time following the murder of Norma Bell.

Police have warned people within Hartlepool to check there elderly neighbours sparking fears that further murders may occur.

Police warned that people within Hartlepool should not allow people they do not know into there house.

Murdered Norma aged 79 was due to celebrate her birthday next month. She has fostered over 50 children and is described as a lovely lady who would not harm anyone.

If you have any information that may assist Cleveland Police with this murder investigation police contact the forces communication centre on 101.