Former Police Officer Sultan Alam standing for #PCC2016 in Cleveland Police 

Sultan Alam a retired Police Officer with commendations for bravery, tenacity, saving life and decorated with the Exemplary Police Service Medal before retiring in 2009.

Sultan Alam has 28 years knowledge of the police service and criminal justice system,

Sultan Alam “I have what it takes to lead change in Cleveland Police, Better policing for a safer Cleveland.

“ Only the right leadership, with passion and commitment, can drive change.

HMIC’s latest assessment puts Cleveland in the bottom 3 of all 43 police forces, in all areas of assessment:

Keeping people safe and reducing crime – Requires Improvement

Managing budgets meeting service demand – Requires Improvement

Conforming to the law – Requires Improvement

HMIC [25th Feb 2016]: “I have some serious concerns about the performance of Cleveland Police in keeping people safe and reducing crime, and how prepared it is to meet future financial challenges.

Officer numbers are down. Crime is soaring.

6457 more victims of crime compared to last year

177 fewer officers on our streets than 3 years ago

£28.85m a year is going to private companies

9 police stations being closed to the public

Seemingly never-ending scandals

My straightforward plan to deliver real improvements and better policing for a safer Cleveland:

More “ Bobbies on the beat. ” At Least 130 More officers on our streets = less crime.

Protecting Victims and Witnesses – immediate steps to correctly identify vulnerable victims and integrate safeguarding systems.

Terminate private contracts that fail to deliver value and quality of service.

Better policing standards by strict enforcement of the Police Code of Ethics.

Ensure as many stations as possible remain open to the public

No politics no excuses, just “ better policing.

If you are standing as a #PCC2016 then get intouch and we will feature your campaign within Police Hour.