£500 Fines for Dogs not Mirco-Chipped under new laws starting tomorrow!

Thousands of dog owners could be fined as new law comes in tomorrow that means your dog must be micro-chipped.

Although the Government have not made much noise about the new law owners who have dogs that are not chipped could face a £500 on the spot fine.

The new laws which start on Wednesday mean all dogs must be chipped and logged on the new National Canine Database.

The new database will list every dog in the United Kingdom. The aim of the database is to stop dogs being dumped and placed on the black market.

Dog owners who have not registered there dogs will face a £500 fine if they do not register there dog.

If you have not got your dog micro-chipped you are able to book in at the local lets at a cost of around £30.00.

But who will be policing the law for un-chipped dogs with an already over stretched public service.