Wanna-be policeman Daniel Morris jailed after attempting to meet child under 16.

A 36-year-old Wanna-be policeman named Daniel Morris of Barn Lane, Devon has been found guilty of attempting to meet a child under 16 following sexual grooming at Newcastle Crown Court.

Thanks to the work of Dark Justice he was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years.


Daniel Morris of Barn Lane, Devon

In September 2015 he travelled from his home in Devon to Newcastle upon Tyne to try and meet a 15 year old girl following sexual grooming he sent a string of sexual messages including he wanted to learn the child how to passionately kiss and have sex.

Dark Justice told Police Hour “His defence team tried to say he had lost the phone months before the phone which he was communicating with the decoy on but in fact he didn’t once confronted by us he binned the phone.

“His defence team also tried to argue the messages were tampered so willingly we handed over the device to Northumbria police and their specialist telecoms department forensically examined that device and it was found that in no way shape or form we tried to fabricate any of the messages sent between Daniel and the decoy.”

Great work Dark Justice.

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