Powlett Road Hartlepool Closed Due To Incident on Railway Line.

Incident Powlett Road, Hartlepool. Credit: Police Hour

Cleveland Police closed Powlett Road in Hartlepool following an incident on the railway lines at about 5.45 Pm this evening.

Police Officers could be seen on the railway line near to a bridge that runs over the top of Powlett Road Hartlepool.

IMG_0843 Two police officers at the scene talked a man down who was sat on the top of the bridge. once he was moved to a safer location the road was re-opened.

Police officers comfort man on the railway lines.
Police officers comfort man on the railway lines.
Trains were stopped from using the lines and held at Hartlepool train station while the man remained on the top of the tracks.

Credit: Police Hour
Credit: Police Hour
The Cleveland Fire Brigade and North East Ambulance Service remained on standby during the incident.

Two police officers did a great job in quickly bringing the man down and ensuring he was cared for correctly.

We hope the man involved in the incident is now receiving any help and support he needs.