Marked Police Units beeped and waved by racers on A66 near Teesside Park

Credit: Police Hour

Cleveland & Durham Road Policing Unit have warned they will be back out in force on the A66 to put a stop to drivers racing at Teesside Retail Park.

Officers detected 80 speeding offences on Wednesday 23rd March on the A66 leading to the junction with Teesside Retail Park in just 90 minutes while marked traffic unit were present.

The purpose of the police being on the A66 was as an ongoing operation to deter antisocial driving on Wednesday evenings and racing on public roads within Teesside Retail Park.

The speed limit on the A66 is 50mph and detections ranged up to, and including, 79 mph. The Roads Policing Unit vehicles were not in any way difficult to see and yet people drove past well in excess of the limit.

Many people saw the vehicles and beeped their horns and revved their engines when passing. Others were not paying attention to their speed or what was in front of them. 

Speed and distraction are two of the major causes of collisions where people are killed or seriously injured. The issues we saw at Teesside Retail Park have caused us great concern and we will be returning over and over until the message gets through.
All of those who were identified as speeding will be receiving a letter from the police shortly and will be dealt with accordingly. Those who drive antisocially, including beeping horns and revving engines, will also be dealt with.

Further enforcement both in the retail park and the A66 approach will be taking place over the coming months.