Becareful out there! but mum i’m a Policeman! Touching Mothers Day message 

A Policeman has left a touching Mother’s Day message to his mum. 

Sgt Colin Taylor posted“Be careful out there. Don’t get into any trouble”

“But Mum, I’m a Policeman. It’s my job to find trouble.”

For over 20 years she has felt it necessary to issue me this cautionary advice so recently I asked her to stroll with me on patrol. A brief spell on the mean streets of Scilly to give her a more informed perspective.

Never try to outwit your mother. Satisfied I was unlikely to come to too much harm she turned to me outside The Atlantic Inn and said.

“You look cold. Are you warm enough?”

Happy Mothers Day Mum and to all the mums who worry about their sons and daughters on the beat wherever that may be.

Yes we have our vests on.

Last week was the anniversary of 101 years of Women in Policing. I submit you have always been there in one form or another, thankfully.