Shamed Criminal Justice System Convicts Police Special For Saving Officer

The Criminal Justice System and senior officers should be ashamed of themself after a Special Constable was convicted. He is hero not a criminal. 

His quick thinking stopped a fellow officer from being seriously injured or killed. His actions landed him in a Police cell. 

Former Special Constable Andrew Blades was sent to a Lancashire estate after reports a bike gang was terrorising the streets.

Andrew was forced to use his patrol car to create a barrier between another officers as a motorbike was heading straight for the officer. 

Most would call him a hero right. No they arrested him for his bravey. 

Senior officers claimed he was not trained to do such manoeuvre. Yesterday he lost his job as a driving instructor as he was convicted of dangerous driving. 

The acting sergeant of six years also lost his role in the police over the incident. 

At the time of the incident he was supervising two special constables as they attempted to stop two bikers racing around the estate. 

As one of the officers left the unmarked police car to attempted the halt the bikers they came at the officer at speed in an attempt to knock him down. 

Andrew saw the danger and moved the police car across the street to create a protective barrier between the officer and the bike.  

Senior officers say this was against police rules even claiming he used the car as a weapon. 

The biker slid into the side of the police car and fell off.  

Lancashire Police said: “Mr Blades had only received the most basic level of police driver training and he was neither trained nor authorised to carry out a manoeuvre like the one he attempted on May 22.

“Andrew Blades’ behaviour on this occasion clearly fell below the high standards expected of officers and staff, including those who volunteer as specials, and which the vast majority live up to on a daily basis.”.