Police Officer Jailed For Refusing To Speak To Man Who Was Later Murdered

A police officer and a community support officer have been sent to jail following the death of a disabled man.

Pc Kevin Duffy aged 52 and PCSO Andrew Passmore ages 56 were found guilty of misconduct in a public office in connection.

The misconduct related to the death death of Bijan Ebrahimi in Bristol in 2013.

Ebrahimi was wrongly accused of being a peadophile by neighbour Lee James he was beaten and set on fire.

PC Duffy is believed to have saw Ebranhimi as a nuisance. Ebrahimi wanted to speak with Duffy however he refused.

PCSO Passmore was sent to prison because he told a lie to murder detectives saying he had patrolled outside Ebrahimi’s home for an hour when it had only been a been a few minutes.

PC Duffy was jailed for 10 months and PCSO Passmore was jailed for 4 months.