Northumbria Police rated good at reducing crime and keeping people safe #Police #Effectiveness

Northumbria Police has been judged Northumbria to be ‘good’ on its overall effectiveness in reducing crime and keeping people safe.

Chief Constable Steve Ashman said:”Protecting the vulnerable in our communities is our number onepriority, it is therefore pleasing that HMIC have assessed Northumbria Police to be good at keeping people safe and reducing crime.

“As a large metropolitan force,we are particularly proud of the acknowledgement by HMIC that our staff understand that the needs of each victim are paramount and that wehave good  arrangements with our partners to support vulnerable victims.

“This has also been recognised by victims with our satisfaction rating being amongst the highest in England and Wales.

“Overall, the report has highlighted many areas of good performance and I am confident that we are well placedto build on this firm foundation as we continuously seek to improve theservice we provide.”

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner,Vera Baird
, said: “In Northumbria, protecting and supporting vulnerable victims is an absolute priority so we are pleased the findings of this report reflect this. We’re repeatedly praised for having a good knowledge and  understanding of the communities we serves – proving our neighbourhood teams are listening and we’re working hard to deliver what the public wants.
“There is a lot of innovative work takingplace in our region – we’re one of the only force’s in the country to offer a remote evidence suite and are the first force to train its entireworkforce in coercive control – clear examples of our on-going commitmentto protecting the vulnerable. This is something also reflected by the factthat 92.2 per cent of victims are satisfied with the service they havereceived from Northumbria Police, one of the highest scores in the country.
“While we are pleased, we are not complacent. We want to keep raising the bar, making improvements and ensuring the best interests of the victim and community remain at the heart of all we do.

“The Chief Constable and I are determined to do all we can to preserve our high policing standards and our national reputation for victim satisfaction.”