Met Police shortages in equipment available to frontline investigators #Police #Effectiveness

The Met Police have confirmed they are disappointed with HMIC PEEL inspection of the Metropolitan Police Service.  

Although the  Metropolitan Police Service accepts the findings of HMIC’s report. 

They confirm they  are disappointed with the overall judgment, but recognise the issues raised and are already taking steps to address the findings and recommendations made.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons said: “The Met has been making huge strides in reducing crime and making London safer, but we clearly need to focus more on how well we are investigating crimes, protecting the vulnerable and making sure offenders are better managed.

“Londoners should be reassured that much of this work started some months ago and is starting to deliver results but we need to demonstrate that we will maintain the determination to drive forward further improvements in the future.

“Whilst HMIC has highlighted areas for improvement, we are pleased the report acknowledges we are committed to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and that officers and staff throughout the force understand this commitment and work well with partners to solve problems early to prevent escalation.

“We are also pleased HMIC found we generally provide a good service in identifying the vulnerable and respond well to them, so the public can be confident many victims are well supported. HMIC also found we are good at tackling serious and organised crime and have plans in place to target the most harmful and dangerous crime and offenders.”

Work is now underway to address HMICfs findings includes introducing a new crime investigation model to speed up the allocation of crimes to officers for investigation and introducing training to improve the skills of those who supervise, direct, manage and lead investigations.

They are required to address shortages in equipment available to our frontline investigators, over the next three to four years we will make an unprecedented investment in our technology, equipping our officers with cutting-edge mobile devices, which will enable them to provide a faster and more effective response to crime across London.

There is a huge amount of work ongoing within the MPS to recruit detectives and ensure that our officers have the right skills, training, experience and support to carry out these very difficult and important roles.
The Met police have reviewed how they manage our resources, demand and risk, and are currently looking at our offender management model to ensure the consistent management of resourcing for each borough.

The Met Police  have also introduced revised and comprehensive missing persons training for officers and specialist staff.