Shameful North Yorkshire Police Commissioner renews Chief   Constables Contract 8 months before she is due to stand for re-election

You may not see any problem at first in renewing the contract of Chief Constable.

They are hard working dedicated and do a great job. We are not saying Chief Constable Dave Jones is not one of these policing leaders.

The role of the Police and Crime Commissioner is hold the Chief Constable to account. If the current PCC Julia Mulligan is replaced at the polling stations in 8 months she has denied her successor that right.

The North Yorkshire Police Commissioner has announced she has extended the contract of Chief Constable Dave Jones until 2020.

That sounds fair at first but when you then consider she is due to face the polling stations to keep her role in 8 months that is shameful.

When you consider the main role of a Police and Crime Commissioner is to hold the Chief Constable to account then she should have left that decision for another 8 months considering he CC Jones still has 18 months to run on his contract.

The PCC has claimed that her choice will offer stability for force in years to come.

Julia Mulligan has brought shame to the Police and Crime Commissioner role by annoucing that she had extended the fixed term contract until 2020.

It brings shame to the role because the role of the PCC is to hold the Chief Constable to account.

The extention of that contract means her successor would have no control over the hiring and firing of the Chief Constable because he has agreed to a fixed term contract to 2020.

When asked why she had extended the contract she answered this would provide stability for North Yorkshire Police adding the reasoning was confidential