Police officer left with glass in eye on M6/M62 as police car is pleted with rocks

A Policeman was left with glass in his eye after his patrol car was pleted with rocks.

The Cheshire Road Traffic Constable was  left injured after the car he was  travelling in was targeted on the M62.

Cheshire Police have said the officer reversed the police car to try and avoid the attack. 

Chief Constable Simon Byrne has tweeted a shocking photo of the Police car invloved in the incident. 


Police followed a blue BMW on the M6 in Cheshire at 03.25. 

The car pulled over after it joined the M62. Men then jumped out the car and pleted it with rocks before they got back in the car and drove off. 

The men already had rocks in their hand indicating an intention to attack the police officer. 

Police have described the supsect as “possibly in his 20s, of average height and slim build with short dark hair and a scruffy short beardwearing a dark-coloured jacket and sleeveless hi-vis jacket”.

No arrests have been made. If anyone has information they are requested to dial 101.