Making A Murderer Are the convictions wrongful?    

Thousands of you have been watching ‘Making a Murderer’ if you have not watched it we would recommend you do.

After having watched the Netflix progromme we are sure you will be fully aware of the situation.

The true-crime show has become extremely popular.  Following the true events of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey.

They were both convicted of the brutal rape and murder of photograher Teresa Halbach.

If you have watched the programme you will be aware that the producers provided evidence that Avery and Dassey are not killers and were framed for murder by the the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department.

Avery has already served 18 years in prison after the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department already framed him for rape. He was later cleared.

Netflix managed to produce 10 hours of gripping and complelling series that does a fantastic job in forming a case against the police officers in Question.

The shows popularity is just starting out and as millions more per day watch ‘Making A Murderer’ pressure will be added to re-open the case.