Making A Murder Steven Avery’s prosecutors tried to stop the Netflix documentary with legal action 

Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demoshave revealed that the Steven Avery prosecutors attempted to block the Netflix documentary.

The Police who investigated Teresa Halbach case attempted to shut down filming of the documentary.

They demanded film makers present the video footage to the court as evidence against Steven Avery.

Luckily one of the film makers had stuided law at university and was able to block the legal action.

Ken Kratz attempted to take out a  subpoena that accused the film makers as acting as an investigative arm of the defence.

Film makers had over 300 hours of video footage that was not backed up that Kratz wanted. 

If Kratz was successful there would have been no other copy. The footage would have been removed from the filmmakers. 

They successfuly brought the motion that allowed them to destroy the subpoena because all the taped calls that features in the filming had already been taped by the state so there would be no need for copies of the footage. 
So why else would Kratz attempt to block the film being released?