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Fancy being a Police Officer? Cleveland Police announce recruitment



Members of the public who want to make a difference in local communities are being asked if they could be a police officer, as Cleveland Police opens recruitment for police constables on 27th January.

A career as a constable is challenging but offers an excellent opportunity for
those who want to become an integral part of communities, protect the public and prevent and detect crime.

The Force will close the applications process after four weeks or after 400 applications have been received.

The Force will also be recruiting for special constables and will close recruitment when 200 applications have been received, or after four weeks.

A web chat will be hosted between 6pm and 7pm on Thursday 14th January where members of the public can ask questions about any elements of the recruitment process.

Two events will be held for prospective candidates at Teesside University Centuria Building on Tuesday 19th January between 6pm and 8pm and on Thursday 21st January between 10am and 12pm.

Those wishing to attend can sign up via Eventbrite, the link to which is available on the Cleveland Police website and on the Cleveland Police Facebook and Twitter pages.

Temporary Chief Constable, Iain Spittal, said: “We are delighted to be offering people the opportunity to apply for the position of police constable and special constable again this year. We re-started our recruitment campaign in May
2014 following a five-year freeze and since then we have recruited 47 Police Constables and 17 Special Constables as well as 16 transferees from other forces.

“A career in policing is challenging, however, it provides first class training and will present opportunities for progression into specialist policing roles. It is
an excellent opportunity. The ideal candidates will be individuals who are honest, hardworking, enthusiastic and truly committed to making a genuine difference for our communities.

“We are looking to recruit the best and if you believe you have what it takes to be part of our team then we would like to hear from you. The recruitment process includes the national Police Officer competency based application form, assessment centre for shortlisted candidates and a formal in force interview. Once this is completed candidates will progress to the recruitment
phase which includes fitness testing, medical, vetting, references and financial checks.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, Barry Coppinger said: “The process of becoming a police officer or a special constable is challenging and demanding but we are looking for individuals who can meet the national standard, deliver exceptional service and keep our communities safe. In
return we offer a rewarding career full of interesting and new experiences.”​

Applications can only be accepted by online submission.

Candidates are able to find the application form on the careers section of the Cleveland Police website from 11.30am on Wednesday 27th January. The
link is:

To log onto the recruitment web chat on Thursday 14th January please go to the Cleveland Police website at:
The links to the Eventbrite website to sign up for the events at Teesside University are available below.​

Tuesday 19th January, 6pm – 8pm:

Thursday 21st January, 10am-12pm:



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URGENT PRODUCT RECALL: Toy ball fears it could pose choking hazard



Toys R Us has urgently recalled a children’s ball after it was found to pose a choking hazard.

Parents have been urged to urgently stop their babies playing with ‘Bruin Wiggle Ball’ also known as the ‘Giggle Ball’ and return them to the store.

The toy was found to pose a safety risk to young babies, The rubber knobs and plastic back can detach to create a small part that could choke a child.

The bally has been recalled has been recalled at Toys R Us worldwide after safety concerns were raised in the US.

A notice posted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said Toys R Us had received six reports of the knobs breaking off, including four reports of pieces of the product found in children’s mouths.

The US regulator said consumers should immediately stop using the recalled balls, take them away from babies and return them to Babies R Us or Toys R Us for a full refund.

A spokeswoman for Toys R Us in the UK said: “This item is now off sale and we ask customers who have bought this item to return it to a Babies R Us or Toys R Us for a full refund.”

The blue plastic toy has distinctive green, yellow and orange knobs and carries the item number 067369 and the model number 5F6342E.

The ball wiggles, vibrates and plays three different musical tunes. It has an on/off switch and requires 3 AA batteries to operate.



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Big changes to the Driving test here is everything you need to know



If you are a learner driver you might want to think about passing your driving test before December, Before they make some big changes to the driving test.

The Major changes will see a focus on drivers becoming more safe and independent on the roads which is not a bad thing.

Those who hate reversing round the corner will no longer be asked to do it during the test, so if you struggle December could be a good month for you. After all how many of you have actually reversed round corners since passing your test?

No more asking your dad to jump out and reverse the car out of the bay so you can get back home anymore as drivers will be required to do this before they can pass the test.

Those on the test will be required to park in a bay within a supermarket or shopping centre and then be required to reverse out of the bay.

To be honest it is something you’re going to need almost daily once you’ve passed your test.

Sat-navs are going to be another focus within the driving test and no longer looking at road signs for directions.

What are the four big changes?

1. More independent driving

Independent driving with a Sat-Nav will increase to 20 minutes from the current 10, you’ll be allowed to use a satnav or traffic signs.

However, you don’t get to decide the examiner will decide if he or she wants you to use road signs or the satnav.

2. Using a satnav

Standardised TomTom Start 52 model Satnavs will be used within the examinations, these will be introduced into the driving tests.

The examiner will provide the equipment and will set it up for the direction of travel.

Four out of Five people will be required to use the Satnav within the test.

3. Changes to manoeuvre

They’ve decided to bin the ‘reverse around the corner’ and the dreaded ‘turn-in-the-road’ these will no longer be tested however they will still be taught by your instructor as standard.

Instead, you’ll be tested on one of the three manoeuvres: Parrellel park at the side of the road, Parking in a bar and either driving in and reversing out or reversing in and driving out and finally pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lenghts and rejoin the traffic.

That means you’ll be tested on one of the following three manoeuvres: parallel park at the side of the road; park in a bay – either driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out; pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths and rejoin the traffic.

4. ‘Show me, tell me’ questions

The show me, tell me questions are changing and these will have more focus on car safety.

The ‘Tell Me’ questions will be asked at the start of the test, But the new ‘Show Me’ questions will be asked during the test.

Which means you could be driving along and the examiner will ask you to show me how to use the windscreen wipers.

So what isn’t changing?

They are keeping the pass mark exactly the same you won’t be allowed more than 15 faults and no serious or dangerous faults. If you manage that you’ll pass.

The test will still last 40 minutes and they’ve also decided to keep the cost the same.

The changes come into play for anyone taking their test from December 4th, 2017.

If you cancel or move your test or it is rescheduled after this date you’ll take it under the new changes.



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Cleveland Cops investigate grim discovery of severed hand, all is not as it seems



Cleveland Police have closed one lane of the A19 to deal with what they called a police incident.

Things took a turn when a member of the public believed they had spotted a hand. Cops immediately responded.

Cops from the road policing unit were on ‘hand’ to let members of the public know that officers would be in the carriageway carrying out an investigation.

Mystery surrounded the nature of the incident which occurred on the A19 Northbound between Portrack and Norton Slip Roads.

The flow of traffic was slowed while police investigated what they believed to be a ‘realistic looking severed hand’ and immediately put a crime scene in place.

Thankfully to the officers relief this wasn’t a real hand, after many jokes I’d image between themselves they re-opened the A19 and welcomed the jokes.

Cleveland Police Road Policing Unit said “The A19 is now clear. In a nutshell, an eagle eyed diligent member of the motoring public spotted a suspicious looking item… see picture, in the central reservation. Officers have attended and it has been found to be a realistic looking ‘severed hand’. No doubt comments will be forthcoming- please!………..”

We really think that the police are going to need a hand finding out who left the hand there.

Hopefully whoever wasted so much Police time will feel the long arm of the law.

Sorry that’s the best we can do with the jokes.



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