Police Officer Facing murder or manslaughter charges over the death of Jermaine Baker

A Firearms Police officer has been suspended from the Metropolitan Police and faces Murder or Manslaughter charges following the deployment of a police firearm.

Baker was shot dead during an attempt to free two convicted criminals being transported from Crown Court. 

We are asking the question. Should firearms officers be suspended from duty and face charges after the deployment of a firearm during a live incident?. 

Police Officers with firearms have a slilt second to decide what todo, a job they are the experts at and a job that means if they do what they are trained todo they will be ‘Suspended’ and face a ‘crimianal’ record. 

We do not know the circumstances as yet but what is clear is this operation resulted in a number of people being arrested suspicion of conspiracy to facilitate the escape of an individual from lawful custody. 

Jermaine Baker aged 28, from Tottenham in north London, died from a gunshot wound while armed officers carried out a police operation near Wood Green Crown Court on Friday.