Police Hold Meeting With Public Following Wood Green Shooting

The Met Police have held a community meeting after a man was shot dead and a Police Officer arrested following a fatal shooting in Wood Green.

Statement by Haringey Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa following the community meeting:

“We are doing everything we can to listen and understand the concerns raised by the local community following the fatal shooting of Jermaine Baker in Wood Green last week. I have personally attended a meeting this evening, Thursday 17 December together with Assistant Commissioner Helen King, at Tottenham Town Hall to hear how local people and representatives are feeling and to address their concerns as best I can.

“This is a very difficult time for everyone affected by the death of Jermaine. I am grateful that we can have this open meeting which provides a forum for people to air their strong views, which should be heard and understood. It is only by working together that we can move forward as a community.

“Concerning the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation, we are all keen that they establish the full facts, as quickly as possible. I have reminded those attending the meeting tonight that this is why the IPCC will be diligently and independently examining the exact circumstances that led to Jermaine’s death.

“It is only right and proper that any officer who has made the decision to use lethal force fully accounts for their actions. Every officer who takes on the responsibility of this specialist role understands this. To this end it is only through a transparent and meticulous investigation that the best interests of justice and of all those affected can be served.

“As Londoners, who depend on the professionalism of our officers to keep us safe in a job that is difficulty and often dangerous, we must wait for the IPCC’s findings before drawing any conclusions or speculating on what has taken place. Equally, it is unhelpful in our work to build trust and respect with all sections of the community to describe the victim as a ‘gangster’ and I have made that
clear tonight.

“I am grateful for all members of the community who attended this evenings’ meeting; the Metropolitan Police Service will continue to work with all community groups and respond to their needs and concerns over the coming weeks.”