Mike Pannett is the right choice for PCC in North Yorkshire

Bob Cooling a former officer in the Royal Navy who spent 34 years in the service of my country, loyal to the Crown regardless of the colour of Her Majesty’s Government,

I see three compelling reasons why Mike Pannett is the right choice for PCC in North Yorkshire:First, he is an Independent candidate and therefore unencumbered by a political agenda and able to serve the whole community without the distraction of party politics.

Politics should not be mixed with public service and Mike really understands that.

Second, he combines an unmatched wealth of experience of the Police Service and community issues (both rural and urban) having served as a police officer for 20 years and subsequently been deeply immersed in community affairs in North Yorkshire.

Third, he is a man who is utterly committed to delivering the support and resources our beleaguered Police Service so desperately needs, while also ensuring that our community receives the best possible support from a Police service that is adequately funded, skilfully led, and highly motivated.

With this rare and admirable combination of attributes Mike Pannett is in my view the most compelling candidate at this critical time for the role of PCC in North Yorkshire.