Met Police Firearms Officer Arrested Over Shooting

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has been informed that a serving MPS firearms officer has been arrested as part of an ongoing Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation (IPCC).
The officer was suspended from duty on Wednesday, 16 December.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Terry, the senior officer leading post incident, said:

“This is an independent investigation being carried out by the IPCC, and they are accountable and responsible for it.It is absolutely vital that the facts of what took place are thoroughly established, as quickly as possible.

“Our first thoughts are with Mr Baker’s family at this difficult time as they await the outcome of this investigation.

“As police officers, we are all fully aware that we will be asked to account for our actions. We are not exempt from the law and would not wish to be.

“In these difficult circumstances we continue to offer every possible support to the officer, and their family, and to the officer’s colleagues.

“All of the officers who took part in the operation on Friday, 11 December, were doing a job, one that we as senior officers in the MPS asked of them.

“Every day in London our armed officers willingly respond to dangerous situations, as we call upon them to deal with some of the most high risk situations there are in policing.This requires those armed officers having the confidence to make the most difficult of decisions, often in split seconds.

“Now more than ever before, our armed officers provide an invaluable service in keeping Londoners and their own unarmed colleagues safe.We rely upon on them to provide this, quite frankly unique, policing role.

“We will continue to give our armed officers support and reassurance to ensure they have the confidence to keep fulfilling this crucial role.”