IPCC Wants the Public Not To Share Unsubsataniated Info that undermine investigation & Public Confidence… What About the Cop?

The Independent Police Complaints Comission (IPCC) should perhaps practice what they preach.

They claimed that people Sharing unsubstantiated information about the Wood Green shooting can undermine the investigation and public confidence.

What about the IPCC not releasing statements that undermine the police and public confidence in the police? 

The IPCC had already undermined public confidence in the police by tweeting they had launched a
‘criminal homicide investigation’ against the Police Officer who fired the fatal shot during the Wood Green incident.

It emerged that they also broke the news to the Police Officer who fired a fatal shot was only suspended today.

48 hours before the IPCC had informed the media that a police officer faced criminal charges and suspension.

Maybe they should have waited until the firearms officer was suspended until making the announcement. That only seems fair.

It does appear that the IPCC is running on double standards.