Six Police horses attacked during #MillionMaskMarch 

Six police horses received injuries. The injured horses were deployed primarily in The Mall, Great George Street, Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square. They are:

– Embassy – was injured near Buckingham Palace and the police rider was thrown from the horse. Embassy sustained injuries to his side, fetlock and front leg. Embassy’s rider suffered a fractured wrist.

– Quartz sustained an injury, believed to be caused by glass, to his hind leg.

– Qwerty sustained an injury to his hind quarters.

– Heather sustained a cut to her fetlock on her hind leg.

– Illustrious sustained an injury to his eye, believed caused by a stick.

– Quixote sustained injuries to his front legs.

There were 2,000 officers on duty for yesterday’s Million Mask March.

There were 50 people arrested for a variety of offences; 48 remain in custody – one person has been charged with assault on police; one person has been cautioned for assault on police.