shocking footage released following #Lambeth Riots #Scumoween

Shocking footage has surfaced online showing the true extent and challenge officers faced when responding to reports of an illegal rave in Lambeth.

The violence officers faced was completely unacceptable with Four officers injured after being kicked, having lumps of wood and bricks thrown at them.

Things took a turn for the worst when people began throwing petrol bombs at officers and setting fire to anything that would burn.

The Scumoween event which was planned on Facebook saw teenagers travelling down live railway tracks to still gain entry into the event while others who were unable to gain entry battled the police.

One Teenager currently wanted by police appeared in a video calling ‘Police D**kheads’ he then went on to draw a weapon and attack an officer. But they say they were peaceful and the police attacked them first…

Another video shows another teenager encouraging violence against officers.

The Met Police carried out a successful operation to bring an end to the violence in a professional way.

Chief Inspector Roy Smith officer has confirmed he stayed on duty for 26 hours to ensure a successful end to the violence.

Showing the dedication of our police officers who keep us save at night while we sleep.