Serious Incident Occurs On Hartlepool Marina

An incident invloving two groups of men has occurred on Hartlepool Marina.

A number of eyewitness have told Police Hour that a fight begun outside Rosie O’Gradys on Hartlepool Marina.

One group of men started chasing a smaller group of men throwing glasses and chairs at them.

The smaller group are believed to have ran into to a car. They continued hurling glasses and chairs at the car.

The driver of the car left the scene at speed and then spun the car around. It is then believed to have knocked one of the members of the group to the ground.

A local resident who lives a nativagation point has confirmed to Police Hour that he witnesses a fight outside of the Rosie O’Gradys pub. 

He then witnesses a larger group of males chase a group of four males into a white car. Hurling glasses and chairs ar them.

He then witnessed the white car speed up and knock one of the group to the ground.

Another witness has told Police Hour people were covered in blood swooping there T-shirts to avoid arrest right infront of the officers. 

Cleveland Police have contacted Police Hour and confirmed they responded to reports of an assault at Navigation Point shortly after 11pm on Friday 6th November. 

When officers arrived no one came forward to make any complaints. 

Police have confirmed that two males and a female had minor cuts and bruise.