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Poignant Peom: The time has now come where the job has no fun. #CutsHaveConsquences



The time has now come where the job has no fun,

Worried and cautious as to who has a gun.

To serve and protect, the vow we all took,

But everyday the criminals will get off the hook.

Making lives harder for those on the beat,

The criminals are always up on their feet.

A game of cat and mouse between us and them,

Only thing holding us together is the support of our friends.

The people we work with, day in and day out.

Not knowing what will happen and if we’ll clock out. 

We get up each morning not knowing our fate.

If only we had some support, that would be great.

Leave our family and friends, to protect all of yours.

Not knowing what stands behind all of those closed doors.

We go in not knowing what to expect,

I just hope to god that we won’t regret.

The question now, is who wants to hurt us more,

The people in parliament or the ones who pledge war?

The difference between them is not all that much,

The goals they both have is to make our lives rough.

We can only pray that the support we will get.

Will be from those who we have helped and will not forget.

The sacrifices we make week after week,

To allow you to live your lives and fulfil what you seek.

We run towards danger as most run away,

To make sure you see the sunrise the next day.

The blue line is getting thinner, something we can’t afford,

Unless you want to face the demons behind the doors.

Let’s stick together through the good times and bad,

Allow us to keep you safe and share the memories you have.

With cutbacks and budgets, the risk grows near,

Don’t allow the MPs to dull down all your fears.

The threat is real to the police as you know it,

Now let’s tell the witch that she needs to stop it!!!

A poignant poem by Claire keedy.



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Two police officers in critical condition after being hit by a car



Police Pay

Two Met Police Officers are in a critical condition after being struck by a car as they returned to their vehicle.

The police constables are based at Brent Borough in North West London were returning to their marked police car on the A406 North Circular Road near Brent Park, Neasden, at around 3.40am on Sunday, when the collision occurred.

Police have arrested three people including the driver.

Sadly the officers one male and one female are in a critical condition in hospital with loved ones by their beds.

The male officer suffered serious injuries, while female officer sustained a number of fractures. Her condition is described as serious but stable.

Officers have arrested a man in his 50s on suspicion of dangerous driving and failing to provide a specimen of breath.

He has been taken to a north London police station where he remains in custody.

Police placed a cordon at the scene which has now been lifted.



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Six dead after six-vehicle crash in Birmingham



Six people have been killed in a horrific crash in Birmingham just one week before Christmas.

Another person is fighting for their life the crash involving three cars including a taxi in Edgbaston, Birmingham occurred in the early hours of this morning.

Witnesses have described how they saw a number of people ejected from their vehicles during the incident resulting in utter devastation and carnage.

The crash happened at about 1.10am at the entrance to the underpass on Lee Bank Middleway, near Edgbaston, at the junction of Bristol Road.

The driver of a black cab died at the scene along with a female passenger, a male passenger died later in hospital.

Four men in a car were all thrown from their vehicle and three of them died at the scene of the crash. The fourth is in a critical condition.

Any witnesses to the crash have been asked to contact West Midlands Police on 101.

Our thoughts are with all of those emergency workers who responded to this truly traumatic incident and the family and the friends those who have sadly died in this incident.



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Nine-year-old boy locked in safe during game of hide and seek



A Nine-year-old boy became trapped in a safe during a game of hide and seek at his grandfathers home in Berlin.

He had to be rescued by firefighters after he hid inside the sade. He was playing with his little brother at home in Lichterfelde, Berlin.

Believing he has found the perfect hiding place the boy went inside the unused safe and closed the door locking himself in.

The boy was playing with his little brother at the home in Lichterfelde, Berlin, when he found the ultimate hiding place.

His hiding place was eventually found but his grandfather was the only person who knew the code for the safe and he was away.

They could not get in contact with him and called for help from the local fire brigade.

They tested family birthdays for three hours in the hope they’d crack the code while pumping oxygen into the safe via a tiny crack.

As a specialist team arrived who was able to cut the safe open they managed to enter a successful six-digit code.

Firefighters say the child remained calm throughout the ordeal and was shocked but unharmed.

Berlin firefighter Thomas Kirstein said it was a happy ending and super early Christmas present.

Hopefully, he won’t be hiding in there again and in future, they’ll be keeping the door shut because this incident could have been very different.



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