Hero Cop Pulled Over Bridge Saving Woman Saved By Human Chain

Police Constable Fab Ahmed has saved the life of a woman as she jumped off Kingston Bridge on 28 October.

PC Ahmed grabbed hold of the woman as she attempted to jump off the London Bridge.

The Police Constable having no regard forhimself then found himself in danager after being dragged over the barrier.

The PC instantly grabbed the woman as she jumped, the weight of the constables body armour sent him flying over the railings.

A Firefighter and two police constables formed a human chain and pulled him and the woman back over the railings.

PC Ahmed has said: “I knew I had a major fight on my hands to stay alive and do my best to help the lady when we both hit the water.

“It was at this point I felt someone grab hold of my ankles just as I was going past the point of no return. This stopped myself and the lady from continuing our journey into the river.”