Government Web Surveillance: What you need to know! 

Today the Home Secretary will announce major plans that will shape the way the police & secuirty services can mointor your online activity.

We’d like to share a couple of important things we think you should be aware of.

What will the The Investigatory Powers Bill require will be recorded under the new law?

Currently at the Draft stage The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill will require internet firms to retain your browsing history for 12 months.

Who has access to this information? be able to access this?

Only the police and secuirty services.

Will everthing i do online be recorded?

Not exactly. only the websites you visit will be recorded and not the pages for example PoliceHour.UK would be recorded, but not the story you are reading.

They will also beable to see which app you are using on your phone or tablet.

How can i trust my internet history is not misused?

A new offence will be introduced of misusing data. This will carry a two year prison sentence.

What if the police or security services need more detailed data?

They are able to request more. This will include detailed browsing history. The Home Secretary must formally approve any requests.

What about encrypted communications like iMessage and Whats App?

These services use end-to-end encryption. A level of security that means not even the companies behind the apps can see user communication.

However the government is demanding back door access to these services or these could be banned within the UK.