Company part owned by Theresa May’s husband could save Police over £1 Billion a year

Could Theresa May’s Husband have shares in a company offering police privatisation?. The simple answer is ‘No’. We reported 48 hours ago that May’s Husband had shares in a company offering privatisation. A number of sources told us he did.

But we have been requested to remove the original article with a spokesman confirming ‘Mays Husband does not hold shares’. It was kindly requested that we then removed the article. It was either that or we could have landed ourselves in court over the matter.

So the Official note is May’s Husband does not have shares in a private policing company. It takes a lot to say we got it wrong, We always verify the content of our news before we hit the publish we believed we were right ‘But we got it wrong’. Lets relax and get back to the matter of Police Privatisation.

Privatisation of policing will see forces saving £1 Billion a year by taking control of Police Control rooms and admin roles.

Police forces have been forced to make massive cut backs as huge budget cuts have been handed down to police forces.

Police Privatisation has already been successful in a number of police forces across the UK.

However it still remains true that Tom Winsor was appointed by may following winning a police privatisation deal worth 200 Million.