UPDATE: Police Officer in a stable condition after being shot in Hackney 

The Met Police have released a statement following the shooting of a Police Officer on the streets of London.

Commander Duncan Ball from the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist Crime and Operations said: 
“The firearms incident in Haggerston, Hackney earlier today, Thursday 15 October that illustrates the very real risks that police officers take on behalf of the public to keep London safe. 
“At 12:45hrs today officers from the Met’s Specialist Firearms Command alongside officers from the Trident Area Crime Command were carrying out an authorised firearms operation at an address in Scriven Street, E8.
“The intelligence led operation sought to recover a firearm and apprehend those in possession of it. A non-police firearm was recovered from the scene.
“A 31-year-old man was arrested at the scene and taken into custody.
“During the operation, a firearm was discharged, wounding a male Detective Constable from the Trident Area Crime Command.
“He was treated at the scene and taken to an east London hospital where I am pleased to confirm he is now in a stable condition.
“At this early stage it has been established the officer received a gunshot wound through the shoulder during the operation – and an investigation is underway to establish the full circumstances of the incident.
“The officer’s family have been informed and we will offer the full support of the Metropolitan Police to the officer, his family and his colleagues. 
“We would ask that the officer and his family’s privacy are respected at this time, including the reproduction of images of the injuries he has suffered or speculation on his identity.
“As is routine involving any firearms operation, a post-incident procedure is underway examining the full circumstances of the incident, and you will understand that as a consequence I will be unable to comment on the full detail of the operation at the moment.
“The events of today illustrate the very real risks that police officers take on behalf of the public to keep London safe. 
“We will continue to provide updates on the condition of the officer and the subsequent investigation in due course

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