Some police forces are at breaking point, gov warn they will deepen cuts 

Some police forces are at breaking point due to the massive cuts they have faced over the last five years.

Most forces across the UK have become too inefficient to deal with more cuts, but the government have warned these inefficient forces  will face deeper cuts.

While others that are more efficient such as Durham Constabulary which is expected to be announced as top of the class for being the UKs most efficient police force will get more money.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary has warned that those forces which are not meeting the budget cuts and not performing well under the cuts could be axed facing forced mergers with those forces that are performing well.

Home Secretary Theresa May is demanding that police forces work together to do more to cut crime.

Forces have faced massive cuts to policing over the past five years.

The next round of tory destroying cuts is just weeks away.

May will be looking to target Cleveland Police who have been rated the worst police force when it comes to managing the budgets.