Lancashire Police offer Zero Star Hotel

“Upon your arrival at our town centre hotel, you will be greeted by one of our friendly front of house managers, although at busy times there may be a queue to check in. They will obtain some personal details from you before deciding if your one of the lucky guests to get a room at the inn.

” If you are, you will be given the hotel ‘rules’ and shown to one of our 45 single occupancy rooms by a member of concierge staff. Some rooms are ‘en~suite’ and have luxurious 5cm thick mattresses for our guests comfort (blankets and pillows are provided to guests at the management’s discretion).

“One of our staff members will wake you up at regular intervals to offer you complimentary drinks, and a hot microwave ready meal at set meal times. At some point during your stay, a member of our professional customer services team will take you to one of the hotels conference rooms to ask you a few questions about how/why you came to be in our hotel. All your answers are recorded on tape and we advise guests to provide honest feedback during this interview.

“After that, our front of house manager will decide if you can ‘check – out’ or not. Upon check out you will be asked for any useful feedback regarding your stay and how we can improve our future guest services, as our guests welfare is our paramount priority. Our front of house manager will decide if you can leave free of charge, you may get an £80 bill, or you might get a ‘new booking’ reservation to come back for another meeting with our manager in the future.

“For some of our unfortunate guests, they get an immediate transfer via private minibus to one of our larger hotels situated around the country, managed by our sister company “HMP,” where they may get to stay for many years!”.

Daniel Johnson responded “I stayed the night courtesy of a doorman who declined my ID on my birthday. 

“The doorman rang the staff because he thought my banter was too much & I was picked up from the club I was outside. 

“For no charge I was chauffeur driven to this very establishment. Service was as expected, I had to sign in. 

“Once I had checked in, all luggage was taken from me and stored safety away, sealed in a plastic bag which could not be tempered with for extra protection. 

“Once I was shown to my room, the staff wasted no time in letting me get accustom to my en-suite room for one. 

“Not long after I was settled, staff checked back on me to make sure everything was to my liking.

“I kindly asked for a beverage and soon after was presented with an ice cold cup of refreshing water. Every hour staff kindly checked upon me until breakfast. 

“Sadly, I had to leave before I had chance to dine. Open checking out, my belongings were safety returned to me for no extra charge.

” The staff showed me the exit and very kindly, wished me a happy birthday. I thanked them for their hospitality. 10/10 would stay again. Best night sleep I’ve had in ages.”