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Bravest Police Officers of 2015 are announced #PoliceBravery



Picture Credit: Police Federation 

West Midlands and Met police officers named joint winners at this year’s national Police Bravery Awards.
PC Winston Mugarura Metropolitan and PC Adam Koch and PC Jean Stevens West Midlands with Theresa MayTwo West Midlands Police constables and a Metropolitan Police constable have been named as joint overall winners at this year’s national Police Bravery Awards.

The West Midlands officers disarmed a mentally ill man who had stabbed three worshippers at a Birmingham mosque, were declared joint winners along with PC Winston Mugarura, from the Metropolitan Police, who confronted a group of ten during vicious attack on man in Charing Cross, London. 

The pair were presented with the overall winner award by Home Secretary Theresa May at a ceremony in central London attended by senior figures from government and chief constables from around the country.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: 

“We must never forget the incredible risks and dangerous situations that police officers and staff face, every day, so that we – the general public – don’t have to. 

“This year’s nominees acted decisively and heroically to save others from harm, in situations that most of us can only begin to imagine, and which put their own safety in jeopardy. 

“Their actions stand as examples to us all, and to all in policing. It is only right that their tremendous valour is honoured in this way.”

PC Koch said:

“I am absolutely stunned – I didn’t expect that given all the other fantastic nominees in this room.”

PC Stevens said:

“I am really shocked and surprised that we won because this room is full of some of the most wonderful colleagues.”

PC Mugarura said:

“I am amazed because all of the officers here are so deserving in their own right. They all do a good job and everyone is a winner.”

Steve White, chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said:  

“This year’s winners of the Police Bravery Awards show the outstanding commitment and courage the police officers involved showed in putting the lives of others before their own. Their incredible acts of selflessness and instinctiveness to run towards danger, is a reminder to us all of the challenges police officers face every day in their line of work, and we herald them for their immense bravery and resolve.” 

Stephen Mann, CEO, Police Mutual, said:  

“The heroic acts carried out in policing these incidents not only led to arrests, but prevented more harm being caused. Police Mutual is extremely honoured to sponsor the Police Bravery Awards and celebrate the dedication and commitment of our most courageous officers. We thank you wholeheartedly for keeping us safe.”

Regional winners of the Police Bravery Awards 2015 are:


Two constables who were attacked by a man with an array of weapons have won the eastern region Police Bravery Award at a ceremony in central London.

PC Janine Hagger and PC Pete Moulton were presented with the eastern region winners’ award by Stephen Mann, chief executive of Police Mutual, at the ceremony in central London at the event attended by senior figures from government and chief constables from around the country. 


Two Gwent Police constables have won a regional Police Bravery Award for saving eight people from a house fire in Newport.

PC Rhiannon Hurst and PC Owen Davies were confronted with a three storey end of terrace property which was well ablaze. It was a chaotic scene with the ambulance service already in attendance.


A Hertfordshire Police constable has won a prestigious regional Police Bravery Award after chasing down a pair of armed gunmen who had kidnapped and threated to kill another man.

PC Christopher Kouwenberg was shot at ‘at least five times’ while pursuing one of the suspects on foot, moved an elderly bystander to safety and ultimately rescued the kidnap victim who was tied up in the back of the car and had a gun put to his head.


A Merseyside Police constable who disarmed and arrested a robber armed with a handgun has won a prestigious regional Police Bravery Award.

PC Paul Kirwin wrestled the handgun off the man who was pointing it at terrified shop staff and managed to handcuff and, with the help of a colleague, arrest him.

Metropolitan 3

A Metropolitan Police constable who confronted a group of ten during a vicious attack on a man in Charing Cross, London, while off duty has been presented with the regional Police Bravery Award for London.


A Northumbria Police officer who helped save lives during an explosive road accident while he was off-duty has been awarded a prestigious regional bravery award.

PC Rob Ford pulled a woman from her car moments before it burst into flames after repeatedly returning to the smoking car to pull her free.

West Midlands

Two West Midlands Police constables who disarmed a mentally ill man who had stabbed three worshippers at a Birmingham mosque have won a prestigious regional Police Bravery Award.

PC Adam Koch suffered wounds to his chest and stomach after a man lunged at him with a commando-style knife while PC Jean Stevens disarmed and arrested him.



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Hero Cops save girls life of girl who wanted to kill herself



Two fast-thinking police officers have helped saved the life of a girl who text her mate saying she wanted to end her life. Officers were quickly alerted and began searching for the girl.

The officers were alerted to the incident in the early hours of November 14, when Police Constables Daryl Jones and Mark Bullock, from Southend’s Local Policing Team, were patrolling Southend.

With the clock against them, the officers began searching the area and found a girl who matched the description. She had walked four miles from her home alone after sneaking out in the middle of the night and was on her way to Southend town centre to harm herself. The pair pulled over and approached the girl cautiously.

Upon seeing the officers, the girl broke down and became upset. Daryl and Mark reassured her that they were there to help her. After calmly engaging with the girl, the officers managed to negotiate with her to get in the police car so they could get her out of the cold and talk to her.

She spoke openly with Daryl and Mark about the difficulties she had been experiencing and how she had text her friend in the hope that the friend would get help for her.

She thanked the officers for finding her so quickly and the pair reassured her that they would get her the further help she needed.

Daryl waited with her whilst Mark made a difficult call to her parents to inform them of the situation and that their daughter had not come to any harm. Her dad thanked the officers for finding his daughter so quickly and ensuring her safety.

The girl was taken to a mental health suite for assessment and her parents thanked the officers again for finding their daughter so quickly and getting her the help she needed.

Daryl said: “I’ve never seen more of a genuine reaction for help from someone than when the young girl broke down when she saw myself and Mark and knew we were there to help her.”

Mark said: “We were just fortunate that we were in the right place at the right time and were able to locate her and help her, I have no doubt if we hadn’t of found her it would have been a different outcome.”



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Stabbed police dog Finn inspires charity Christmas card and Police Hour are proud to have helped



A Police Dog who was stabbed while chasing a suspected thief has come together with Police Hour to inspire a Charity Christmas Card.

Not just any Christmas Card these cards have been specially designed and drawn by a very brave nine-year-old boy with cancer named Alex Goodwin.

German Shepherd Finn was stabbed on 5th October in Stevenage, His Handler PC Dave Wardell was also injured.

Alex was as devastated when he read that Finn and PC Wardell has been attacked. Alex began drawing pictures of Finn so the idea of a Christmas card was created and they sold out within one day.

Police officer’s son Alex is undergoing chemotherapy for Ewing Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer that affects fewer than 30 children in the UK each year. He faces further “complex” surgery at Christmas.

There is now a change the law regarding attacks on police dogs and horses. Please make sure your sign it.



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Tram driver arrested: Several dead following croydon derailment.



Several people have sadly been killed after a tram derailed in Croydon, leaving five people trapped and more than fifty people injured.

Police were alerted to the incident involing a two-car vehicle that happened at around 6.10am near the Sandilands tram stop.

The British Transport Police confirmed they have arrested the tram driver, Robin Smith assistant chief constable of British Transport Police said: “It is too early for us to confirm numbers but we are working hard to assess the ongoing incident and we are continuing to focus on recovery efforts.”

Emergency services have freed five trapped people, two remain trapped within the tram.

50 people have been taken to hospital for treatment. 31 were taken to Croydon health service’s emergency department while St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south-west London, is treating another 20 people, four of who it described as “seriously injured”.



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