Bravest Police Officers of 2015 are Adam Koch, Jean Stevens &  Winston Mugarura #PoliceBravery

A remarkable night has been held in  London to honour the brave men and women on the thin blue line.

Officers celebrated tonight at the Police Federation Police Bravery Awards.

Earlier today they all attended a Downing Street reception.

All officers who were nominated  have risked death and serious harm to protect the public.

 One will be crowned 2015’s bravest police officer, with a further eight regional winners also recognised on the night.

For the first time the bravery award was jointly awarded to Adam Koch, Jean Stevens & PC Winston Mugarura 

Adam faced life threatening injuries during a knife attack while jean fended off the attackers. 

Winston stepped in during an attack in london while he was out christmas shopping. 

Weldone to all the officers.