Thomas Bateman followed women in Redcar while performing solo sex act

A man has been found guilty of following two women in Redcar while performing a solo sex act himself has escaped jail.

Thomas Alan Bateman, 21, followed two lone dog walkers.

Bateman committed the first offence on January 27th at 18.30pm on Lord Street in Redcar.

He began following a lone female walking her dog, the woman noticed that Bateman was performing a solo sex act as he followed her before exposing himself to her.

Not even a week later he was following another lone woman walking her dog on February 1st.

The woman spotted Bateman urinating in an alley way at 11.30am.

He left the alley and started following her. while doing so he was performing a solo sex act.

The lone woman contact police while on the phone to the police he walks past ger abd stops around 29 yards away from her and sits on a bench.

Bateman was arresred moments later and denied two counts of incident exposure, he was found guilty.

Bateman of High Street, Redcar managed to escspe jail.

He was handed a 12-month prison sentence but suspended it for two years.

He must also attend sexual offenders rehabilitation with the probation service.