Policing Cuts To Have Massive Impact On Public MPs Warn after 40% further cuts announced

Cuts to policing will have a far greater impact than the Home Office Realise, A group of MPs have warned. 

It is accused The Home Office of a significant failure by the Public Accounts Committee who say they have had a “hands off’ approach to policing cuts and spending. 

When forcing in policing cuts they lacked sufficient information on Policing Demand, simply saying crime is down. 

Infact policing demand is the highest it has been for years, spending cuts have forced police not to attend all incidents reported. 

The Home Office is set to unlease a new round of policing cuts funding which has already been cut by £2.3 Billion since 2010. 

Now in 2015 with policing running on its back bones in terms of funding, The Home Office is ready to force cuts of upto 40%.