Man left in a ditch for three hours as three police forces fight over who should attend.

Senior police officers left a man in a ditch for three hours while they argued over which force should attend.

Eventually the man was able to attend hospital after no help arrived. 

Although the police forces in question are calling it a confusion over who should help him.

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire police have now launched an internal investigation following the 999 call on Sunday at 4pm.  

No emergency services arrived until 6.40pm & no other emergncy service was alerted to the incident by the police.

The man who was left injured at the scene for three hours following the collision at Tilbrook.

Tillbrook is officially in the Cambridgeshire area however it borders with Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.

Northamptonshire Police took the 999 emergency call  at 4.25pm however passed details over toBedfordshire  Police who said the accodent was outside of their area. 

Cambridgeshire Police were alerted to the collision and also claimed it was outside their area. 

Three hours later Bedfordshire Police decided to dispatch a car after learning no help had arrived and the motorcyclist has made his way to Bedford Hospital. 

Cambridgeshire police have responded confirming the incident acutall happened within the Bedfordshire area. 

However admitted a better response from all three forces should have been given.