Former Prison Officer Admits Selling Information to Newspaper

A former prison officer has today, Thursday, 10 September, pleaded guilty to selling information to a newspaper.
Joseph De Souza [Elveden 83] 51ys (21.05.64) a former prison officer at HMP Holloway; was charged with misconduct in public office.
De Souza admitted selling four stories to a journalist at The Mirror newspaper and receiving a total of £950 in return.

He will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on 9 October.
Some of the information De Souza provided concerned a high profile female prisoner and resulted in four published articles, between March 2007 and February 2009.
De Souza was arrested following an investigation by detectives from Operation Elveden.

Detective Chief Superintendent Gordon Briggs, leading on Elveden, said: “De Souza leaked confidential information obtained in the course of his duties to a journalist for private gain. He was not a whistleblower and his corrupt activity was motivated by money.

“De Souza breached the trust that was placed in him by the public without reasonable excuse or justification. His dishonest actions damaged the public interest and merit criminal sanction.”