#Anonymous target Saudi websites… Teen awaits crucifixion for protesting #OpNimr 

Online group Anonymous have stood together to support a teenager in Saudi Arabia due to be beheaded.

The group have highlighted the shocking human rights record of Saudi Arabia.

They have today attacked the Gulf Kingdom’s government websites.


#Anonymous target Saudi websites... Teen awaits crucifixion for protesting #OpNimr  1
17 Year Old to be beheaded for protesting
Anonymous is objecting to the death sentence handed down to 17 year old Mohammed al-Nimr.

Nimr’s appeal was rejected by the Saudi courts after he was handed a sentence of death by crucifixion for alleged anti-government activities in 2012 can now be carried out at any moment.

It have been confirmed that Nimr was arrested for taking part in a protest. 

He was also found guilt or using a BlackBerry phone to encourage people to come and support the protest.

He will now be brutally killed.